Champlain College is proud to partner with GenCyber for this internship. With funding provided by the National Security Agency and the National Science Foundation, the GenCyber [HR1] program aims to boost interest and awareness of cybersecurity careers and increase diversity in the cybersecurity workforce in the United States.

This program is taught by the CyberTech Awareness Program with the guidance of full-time faculty from Champlin College's Cybersecurity program.

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CyberTech Awareness Program (CTAP) is an independent, student-run program aimed at raising awareness of cybersecurity issues and introducing safe computer practices to middle and high schools across Vermont. With the support of dedicated students and faculty from Champlain College, the program specializes in providing engaging presentations, hands-on demonstrations, and other resources to schools to introduce cybersecurity topics and materials that may not be covered in the classroom. 

Our Vision

Since the introduction of the Internet in the 80's and the World Wide Web in the 90's, the threats of system security continues to increase. Today, over 4.4 billion computers world-wide are connected to the Internet. Common users, including students and their families, utilize the internet to communicate, learn, and work. While students may be the most comfortable adopting new technology as it evolves, there is a lack of education around how to properly utilize devices and software safely. The youth of today will be the ones to inherit all the advances made in the past century, but they will also be the ones to inherit all the dangers.

The CyberTech Awareness Program is a student-run, non-profit project dedicated to spreading knowledge of security topics that are not traditionally taught in classrooms. Over the past year and a half, the program has been growing in scope and impact in its mission to teach the next generation about cybersecurity. This is done by reaching out to middle and high schools in the Burlington and surrounding Vermont area. Through simple hour-long presentations and hands-on demonstrations about topics that cover two-factor authentication, social engineering, and man-in-the-middle attacks, the CyberTech Awareness program encourages students to practice proper cyber hygiene while sparking curiosity in the cybersecurity field.